Covid 19

**Temporarily closed for second lockdown from 5/11/2020**

The corona virus has had a major impact on everyone worldwide. As we start back to a new normal there are some necessary changes needed to meet with Goverment guidelines. Faye Whelan Reflexology will re-open the doors at The Kirkland Centre on 25th July 2020 and so it is important that clients follows the new guidance when attending an appointment to help keep everyone safe. Please take a read of the guidance below:

Prior to the appointment

I will be in touch with you 24 hours before the appointment and you will be asked some questions relating to Covid-19. However, if you are experiencing symptoms please let me know and seek appropriate medical help. If you are classed as a vulnerable person (please see NHS website attached for the list) please let me know and we will discuss whether a treatment should go ahead.

the appointment

On the day of your appointment please again let me know if you have developed any symptoms of Covid-19. Please arrive on your appointment time and no earlier to reduce contact with other clients. Once upstairs at The Kirkland Centre you will be asked to wash your hands before and after the treatment. A mask or face covering is recommended but optional, I will be wearing a face visor. Please wear warm clothes or bring an extra layer/blanket as the room will have the windows open to allow air to flow through and my cosy heated blanket currently isn’t allowed. Please only bring yourself to the appointment, leave bags etc in the car. Appointment time is 1 hour. Payment can be made via card machine/contactless or bank transfer. Cash is also accepted.

after the appointment

Please drink plenty of water and allow yourself to rest. If you develop any symptoms of Covid-19 please inform me for the NHS track and trace.