About Faye Whelan

A bit about myself…

Growing up in Kendal, South Lakes I have a love for the outdoors and adventure. My background is in the care sector and when I am not working you will find me outdoors either up a mountain or swimming in a lake with my dog.

why did i study reflexology…

I decided to study reflexology as my other work involves supporting children and adults with severe and complex needs and in this role I would massage their feet to stimulate circulation and encourage relaxation. I knew that there were pressure points on the feet that linked to the rest of the body so I went to learn more about this and found it so interesting. I have been qualified as a reflexologist since March 2018 and I find reflexology fascinating and amazing at what I can find out about a person just from looking at and touching their feet as well as the healing benefits to each individual.

The best part of being a reflexologist is when people say they feel better than before the treatment. It is very rewarding to know I have made a positive difference to someone. Not only is it a therapeutic hands on treatment, it is also a safe place where clients often ‘get things off their chest’. I go with the flow of what each client needs, some just enjoy putting the eye mask on and falling asleep, others enjoy to have a chat.

Registered MAR with Association of Reflexologists and Federation of Holistic Health

benefits of reflexology?

Reflexology is an all round relaxing holistic treatment which is non-invasive and can be accessed by all. Reflexology encourages circulation allowing better flow of all the systems allowing the body to return to homeostatis, the body’s natural balance. Benefits of reflexology include:

  • Easing pain / tension
  • relaxation
  • improved well-being
  • stress relief
  • detoxes the body of toxins
  • boosts immune system
  • quiets the mind
  • helps with insomnia
  • digestive problems
  • fertility

A reflexology treatment takes about 45 minutes and during the session all the systems of the body will be worked on through the feet, releasing any blockages found by applying pressure and massage. After the treatment the client may feel light headed and relaxed or sometimes more energised, each client is different in how they respond to the treatment. It is recommended to have more than one treatment if wanting to support a particular health issue, however reflexology can not cure or diagnose but can assist in relieving tension within the body.

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