Faye Whelan Reflexology

what is reflexology?

Reflexology is a holistic healing method which involves applying pressure and massage of the reflex points found in the feet and the hands. These points then communicate with the corresponding parts of the body via the nervous system. Through the technique of thumb walking on the pressure points the therapist is able to release any blockages within the system of the body and encourage energy to flow freely and the body is able to return to a balanced harmony.


“Faye’s treatment was lovely. Very relaxing and professional. Thank you Faye.”

Leila Platt
28 March 2018

“Having reflexology on your lunch break was amazing. From feeling stressed to feeling zen within a short space of time. Thank you so much Faye. Same again next week”

Kirsty Egglestone
11 July 2018

Wow!!! My first ever reflexology session and I absolutely loved it. Faye managed to find that perfect balance between super friendly and professional and I feel fantastic now. Would definitely recommend this to everyone. Thanks Faye.

Eric Pye
15 May 2018

In salon or home visit appointments available. Make a booking with Faye here.

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