Benefits of Reflexology

Benefits of reflexology

Reflexology has many benefits from being a relaxing treatment to working a specific area to pin-point any blockages within the body.

As a reflexologist I prefer to work on a client as a blank canvas…not knowing their ailments as I prefer to find out for myself what is going on within their body. This can be from finding they have digestion issues or earache to backache as well as lots more.

I think it is best to work in a relaxing setting away from the busy outside world. In my studio I like the lighting to be calm and relaxing music to be playing, to have essential oils burning so all senses on the body are fully relaxing therefore the client is able to switch off and enjoy their treatment. I find that if I or the client are distracted the client doesn’t get the full benefit of the reflexology.

How does a reflexologist find out what’s going on in my body?

Magic? Witchcraft?

Not quite…. A reflexologist can pin-point specific areas where there are blockages within the body. This is done through applying pressure on the feet and feeling for ‘bubbles’. The reflexologist will then massage the area of the feet using thumb walking or a technique known as hook-up where they have detected the blockage and apply pressure and massage to release the tension, asking questions to the client to determine the reason for the blockage.  For example; This could be ‘bubbles’ in the clients’ big toe which relates to the mind, anxiety and over thinking. This is then linked to the heart/chest area where we carry our emotions. A reflexologist can not diagnose and therefore if you are worried with what is found it is advised to seek a doctor.

As a reflexologist it is important that the client feels relaxed to get the full benefit of the treatment. It is often the case that during the first treatment the client is inquisitive and holds their feet tense. Therefore, I always recommend if a client wanted to come for another treatment not to leave it too long between treatments, so the mind and feet remember what happens during the therapy. This enables the reflexologist to work the systems of the body better through the feet as they are more relaxed and in return the treatment is more effective.

What should I do if a reflexologist finds a blockage?

If a reflexologist finds a blockage in your body don’t be alarmed. This just means that there is added stress on that area. As a reflexologist I will chat with the client to look for the reason for the stress bubble found in the feet and if concerned I would suggest if the problem carries on or they are worried to go and see a doctor.

What can reflexology help with?

Reflexology supports the whole body encouraging energy to flow better within all the systems. Reflexology can help with:

  • stress reduction
  • improve circulation
  • stimulate the nervous system
  • helps with sleep
  • supports healthier digestion
  • relieves pain
  • sinusitis
  • supports the reproductive system
  • relaxes the mind
  • migraines

Reflexology is an overall way to promote better well being, reduce pain and stress and encourage the body to work better.

If you have any questions about reflexology I am happy to answer. Keep a look out for special offers on Facebook and Instagram.

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